Laser Treatments

We are very pleased to offer our clients the premier aesthetic laser and light based system called
“The Sciton (TM) Profile”.

This system allows us to personalize and individualize our services to meet each clients’ unique needs. Sciton’s advanced technology provides faster. easier and safer treatments. promoting client satisfaction and excellent beauty results.

Vascular Treatment

Sciton Clearscan treatment uses focused light energy to reduce vascular abnormalities. The system selectively absorbes oxyhemoglobin found in blood vessels. The Sciton will treat broken capillaries, small spider veins, tiny red spots, called cherry hemangiomas and some cases of rosacea.

Pigment Skin Discoloration

The Sciton BBL Light technology is used to treat sun-damaged and aging skin pigmented dark spots. The light energy will gently be absorbed by the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions in the upper layers of the skin. Over the next few days the pigmented areas will darken and fall off. Many people choose to treat not only their face, but also their hands and decollette for hyperpigmentation. Patients experience quick recovery with smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin, and an immediate change in skin texture and tightness.

Laser Hair removal

Laser or BBL light energy is absorbed in hair follicles and converted to heat which destroys receptive hair. Effective hair reduction can only be achieved during the active growth phase of the hair cycle. Several visits are required to achieve results. After a series of treatments, most hair is permanently removed. Our Scition laser is an especially safe laser hair removal procedure for people of ethnic color and works well on all skin types.